Dad Stuff | Brisbane Family Photography

I have met some pretty top dads in my time.

Dads who transform grumpy to giggly in a matter of seconds by pulling a funny face.

Dads who take “I’m over it…” to “more more more!” by a series of lifts, swings and piggy backs.

Dads who create the most magical moments in downtime, just with a caress of the head, or a wipe of a tear.

Dads who swallow their own tears as squeeze the hand of their daughter before together, they walk down the aisle.

Dads, we salute you. We thank you and we think all that Dad Stuff you do is pretty damn special.


In my experience, most men folk liken getting in front of the camera for a portrait session as appealing as root canal treatment. And yet when they do, they create some pretty priceless moments.

To celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday,  I’m offering a classic framed 11x14” fine art print with all Everyday Portrait collections purchased in the month of September. Maybe your Dad loves hitting the local park to kick a ball around, fishing at sunset or simply mastering the backyard BBQ, beer in hand. Whatever it is that your Dad loves doing - or you love doing with your Dad – this session is a perfect way to capture all that makes him super special.

Simply book before 30 September and redeem before 31 January 2017.