Danielle Smith

I’m a Brisbane-based photographer who sings to my cats (much to their dismay), breaks out in dance for no good reason and always refers to my car by name (currently my 4WD, named Xena). I could eat Mexican food every single day of the week and happiness is throwing on my pyjamas for a lazy night in with my wife, a good bottle of red and Netflix.

It's hard to pin point exactly where my love began, but I believe it had something to do with an album my Grandfather kept (much to the disapproval of my Grandmother) with portraits of each of his girlfriends. Cover to back with black & white portraits of the most glamorous beauties, flowers in their hair, flowers around their necks. I spent many an hour pouring over this album, taking subtle clues from each portrait as to the varying personalities of each woman. More than any other item at my grandparents’ home, I regarded this as the most prized possession.

My first camera was a cardboard pin-hole creation courtesy of a Grade 9 assignment where my first images told the stories of my young school friends, the places we played in, the spaces we learnt. As a kid, I keenly observed people and transformed these observations of daily life into many a short-story and for a while there, was convinced my calling was in the written word. I studied at the Creative Industries faculty at the Queensland University of Technology before embarking on an overseas adventure at twenty-one, forfeiting many a lunch to save what I needed to see as much of Europe as I could. A cheap digital camera in hand, I found myself less drawn to capturing those iconic landmarks but more the everyday details of each destination. The people – their interactions and pace of life – in their own environments.   

After eight years residing in Scotland, I returned to Brisbane with my wife in 2010. Today, with vegetable gardens in the front yard and rescue hens in the back, we are fortunate to live the simple, beautiful life.

This intense love of home constantly fuels my drive to capture other couples and families in their own environments, documenting the details of daily life. Today, whilst I’ve upgraded my equipment from the humble pinhole, I remain enthralled by the art of photography, the experiences I get to share with my clients and always, always the magic of story.

Dan x

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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring
— Marilyn Monroe